ESS Asia Conducts Isokinetic Training for EATC Students

Hanoi, Vietnam – Environmental Source Samplers, Inc. (ESS) continues its growth in the air-testing and environmental air-consulting markets of Southeast Asia. Continuing its multi-year expansion into the networks of the environmental sector of Vietnam, ESS was awarded a contract to provide training in the conduct of isokinetic emissions sampling for employees of the Vietnamese company Environment Analyze and Technique (EATC). EATC selected four of their most-experience and qualified technicians to attend the ESS training seminar, in order to further expand their skills with Apex Instruments isokinetic sampling equipment.

EATC students in Vietnam 2The objective of the three-day seminar was to introduce the EATC technicians to the basic principles of isokinetic testing and develop their sampling skills. The course was designed to train the students to develop the ability to plan, guide, evaluate, and personally conduct the source-sampling techniques and measurements in order to determine certain pollutant’s emission rates from stationary sources. The course provided a detailed review of EPA Methods 1 through 5, used to measure emission rates of Filterable Particulate Matter (FPM) from emissions sources.

Chief among the skills, methods, and techniques provided by the course was an overview of the basic operations of the sampling equipment, including the nomenclature and terminologies associated with its usage. Also covered were the purpose of the relevant testing methods, and an introduction to the field and lab calibrations and calculations that are a part of the methodology. Finally, ESS hosted a field sampling exercise to demonstrate the conduct of a Method 5 test, utilizing the Apex Instruments Source Sampling Train.

Emissions sampling is an increasingly important aspect of environmental protection in the Asian market, as the environmental impact of increasingly-rapid growth and industrialization are felt in the quality of air and water. As ESS’s work has grown in the Southeast Asian region, it has been increasingly important to maintain a staff and local presence in these growing markets. In January of 2013 ESS opened its first Asian office in Hanoi, Vietnam. In early February, ESS signed an agreement with Berkman Systems, allowing ESS to combine its expertise in US EPA sampling methodologies with the Berkman network of operations in Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao, Philippines. ESS has leveraged its connections to grow rapidly in the region’s environmental sector, and continues to provide cost-effective solutions, and superior technical support for our client’s consulting and air-testing needs.

ESS is proud of our growing list of clients and network with key Vietnamese environmental firms such as EATC. ESS will continue to maintain its competitive advantage by building on its international experience; developing offices in strategic markets and assuring client satisfaction on every project.

Founded in 1979, ESS has been conducting point source, ambient and industrial hygiene air quality testing and consulting. ESS utilizes modern and consistently maintained equipment to conduct its testing services world-wide. They are qualified to conduct a wide range of air testing methodologies in almost any environment – and for almost any industry. ESS clients have easy access to the reliable and accurate reporting of test results through a secure online client portal, accessible through the main website, The ESS network of reputable vendors and service providers enables us to drive all our projects to on-time and on-budget completion. To learn more about ESS and their air quality testing services in Asia, the U.S. and beyond, please call (910) 799-1055 or visit

Here are a few more photos from the training exercises…

EATC students in Vietnam 3 EATC students in Vietnam 4 EATC students in Vietnam

ESS Finishes Quarter 1 2014 in Strong Position Domestic and Abroad

ESS in 2014As Quarter 1 of 2014 draws to a close, Environmental Source Samplers, Inc. (ESS) is in strong position to make 2014 one of the most effective, profitable years in the company’s 35 year history.

The ESS USA office, based in Wilmington, North Carolina, wraps up Quarter 1 principally completing projects for its regular clients. Quarter 1 RATA test requirements and other hard-target deadline needs for the returning customers were the top priority, but projects for new clients, including a number of municipality public works groups, ensured long term growth for 2014 and beyond. In addition to RATA tests required annually, ESS was involved in a number of incinerator tests, and projects associated with the Boiler MACT and RICE NESHAP (Subpart ZZZZ) requirements.

The ESS representative office in Asia continues to garner new clients as well, in its second year of operation. Partnering with Berkman Systems, ESS Asia has completed a number of new RATA projects for various clients in the Philippines, and most recently conducted an Ambient Air measurement sampling plan at the Australian Embassy, near the ESS office in Hanoi Vietnam.

Looking ahead towards the rest of 2014, ESS expects to continue its strong year. Principally, the early part of Quarter 2 will be a strong focus on the RICE NESHAP tests for small engines, which has its extended compliance date coming up quickly in early May. ESS is already scheduling well into the summer, on a variety of projects associated with compliance and engineering projects for Sewage Sludge Incinerator (SSI) units, industrial boilers and heaters, and other MACT and RATA requirements.

ESS Asia anticipates a second project at the Australian Embassy, and further ambient emissions testing projects in Vietnam and the Philippines, and is poised to build on projects completed in Hong Kong by expanding into China proper. China, with its famous air-quality concerns, shows signs of targeting air quality in the near future, and the ESS Asia network believes it is well placed to expand into the region, offering its strong technical expertise and great customer service to a new area of the world.

ESS is still looking for new clients and opportunities to grow. With the new EPA regulations and impending compliance dates, emission testing projects are growing larger and more complicated. Few things are more helpful to a facility than a knowledgeable partner.

If you have any testing requirements, give ESS a call today: (800) 245-3778.  Please visit our main website for more information about our  services and capabilities:

ESS Closing 2013 In a Strong Business Position

ESS Stays Busy in 2013As 2013 moves towards its close, Environmental Source Samplers, Inc. (ESS) continues to complete projects domestically and abroad, finishing strong with one of the busiest years in the company’s 35 year history. ESS attributes this large workload both to increased demand for stack testing service, and to excellent service that has attracted and maintained a consistently growing base of dedicated clients. ESS strives first and foremost to provide quality service to their clients, with projects completed on time, within budget, and acceptable to both facility personnel and state and federal governing bodies. ESS offers expertise on current rulings as well as new and upcoming standards, and has the tools to assist facilities in achieving compliance with them.

ESS continues to conduct many projects related to the MACT standards, including the RICE NESHAP and Boiler MACT. ESS has partnered with PowerSecure and Governor Control Systems (GCS), for the refitting and testing of hundreds of stationary RICE Units in 2013, for demonstration of compliance with the RICE NESHAP, 40 CFR Subpart ZZZZ. In addition, ESS has been assisting many of their industrial clients with engineering testing for metals, particulate matter, HCl, and criteria gases as part of compliance strategies with the Boiler MACT standards. A large, challenging testing project on a Thermal Desorption Unit at the US Ecology of Texas site has rounded out the Fall and early Winter months for ESS USA operations.

Internationally, the ESS office established this year in Hanoi, Vietnam, is also completing projects for both new and repeat clients. In addition to the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department (HKEPD ) particulate study project, completed during the summer months, ESS Asia, located in Hanoi, Vietnam, has been obtaining new clients every month, often in partnership with Berkman Systems, one of the largest environmental consulting companies in the Philippines. ESS is in the midst of a commissioning project for Foster Wheeler at their Facility in Nghi Son, south of Hanoi. The project involves comprehensive air sampling, boiler tuning; steam-flow measurements; coal, fly, and bottom ash analysis; and other parameters. ESS has recently completed a number of other projects, including an ambient-air study at the location of the new Green building for the United Nations Development Programme in Hanoi, as well as a comprehensive emissions test series for Massan Mining. Both projects involved the measurement of Particulate and gaseous emissions, in the air and in exhaust emissions, and both are continuing projects, expected to involve retests and further analysis over the next few years.

Looking ahead to 2014 indicates a continuation of this trend. Through the acquisition of new clients and the retaining of current ones, ESS is already scheduling projects into late Quarter 1 of 2014, and anticipates more to come before the year closes out. ESS expects to continue to leverage their customer service, stack testing expertise, and project execution to satisfy its current and future client base in 2014, and on into the future.

To learn more about ESS and to inquire about air quality and environmental testing,  please visit the website at or call (800) 245-3778.



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Your One Stop Shop for RICE NESHAP ZZZZ Compliance

Environmental Source Samplers, Inc. (ESS) is pleased to announce a partnership with PowerSecure International, Inc. (PowerSecure) and Governor Control Systems, Inc. (GCS) to provide a one-stop-shop for total compliance with the EPA mandated emission standards for Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine (RICE) units. This ruling, which was finalized in May 2010, is part of the larger Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) standards promulgated by the EPA.

GCS is a provider of control equipment for the affected units, such as DCL’s Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOC), Silencers, Diesel Particulate Filters. GCS has also designed and developed the required Continuous Parameter Monitoring Systems (CPMS) Kit necessary to refit existing engines to meet emission requirements. PowerSecure provides products and services in the areas of Energy Efficiency, Interactive Distributed Generation, and Utility Infrastructure. ESS is an air quality consulting firm specializing in project management, emissions sampling and testing for a wide base of industrial, government and municipal clients.

ESS, PowerSecure and GCS have an established history of working together to meet a facility’s compliance requirements. Over the last year our three organizations have worked together on over 100 projects for RICE units demonstrating Subpart ZZZZ compliance. Our project management team provides initial consultation and emission measurements; engineering and design work; an accredited and certified emissions test program; and, guaranteed RICE NESHAP compliance.

Several million stationary reciprocating engines are in use throughout the United States. These engines, in general industry use, provide shaft power to drive process equipment, compressors, pumps, standby generator sets and other machinery. The uses are similar in agriculture, with many engines serving the purpose of driving irrigation pumps. Reciprocating engines also find wide application in municipal water supply, wastewater treatment, and in commercial and institutional emergency power and load-managing stations.

The Subpart ZZZZ RICE rule (see: A Guide to the ZZZZ and JJJJ RICE Rules) includes requirements to regulate emissions from new and reconstructed RICE units located at major sources and area sources of Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP). A HAP major source is a facility with a potential to emit 10 tons per year of a single HAP, or 25 tons per year of a combination of HAPs. An area source is any source that is not a HAP major source. All RICE units >100 hp (at area sources) and >500 hp (at major sources) have Carbon Monoxide emission testing requirements.

If you have any questions concerning your operations and applicability under these rulings, don’t hesitate to contact our office today. Compliance with the rule must be achieved by May 3, 2013!

Environmental Source Samplers – Brian Mellor (910) 799-1055, [email protected]