ZZZZ Compliance Testing and Portable Analyzers

Reciprocating Internal Combustion EngineSeveral million stationary reciprocating engines are in use throughout the United States. These engines, in general industry use, provide shaft power to drive process equipment, compressors, pumps, standby generator sets and other machinery. The uses are similar in agriculture, with many engines serving the purpose of driving irrigation pumps. Reciprocating engines also find wide application in municipal water supply, wastewater treatment, and in commercial and institutional emergency power and load-managing stations.

Many of these engines are subject to the RICE NESHAP, promulgated  by the EPA under 40 CFR 63, Subpart ZZZZ. Under Subpart ZZZZ, an owner/operator must demonstrate compliance by stack testing at the outlet exhaust to demonstrate the concentration of Carbon Monoxide (CO) in the stack exhaust of < 23 ppmvd at 15% O2.

This testing is typically conducted using continuous emissions monitors (CEMS), under EPA Test Methods 3a and 10, which provide the most accurate data possible on gaseous emissions. This approach is the gold standard for Subpart ZZZZ compliance testing and, as such, it is the methodology ESS uses.

An alternative approach to 3a and 10 is using ASTM D6522-00.  Rather than using CEMS, ASTM D6522-00 utilizes portable monitors, such as Testo 320s or 350s, for the reading of gaseous emissions.  While this method is EPA-approved for the conduct of ZZZZ testing for all engine ratings, it has been our experience that it simply does not provide the high-level accuracy we demand of our equipment.

However, with any methodology and any test series, an experienced partner is the most crucial component to conducting a successful test, properly compiling and submitting the data, and working with state and federal requirements.

Since 1979, ESS has had the personnel and equipment to help your facility demonstrate compliance with any state and federal air-quality and emission requirement. If a stack test is required for your facility, give ESS a call today at (910) 799-1055.

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