ESS Conducts H2 Gas Test at Coca-Cola Factory in Hanoi, Vietnam

Environmental Source Samplers, Inc.October, 2013 – Hanoi, Vietnam – Environmental Source Samplers, Inc. (ESS) continues growth in the Asian market with recent air emissions and ambient test programs for clients in Vietnam where ESS has a established an office. ESS most recently secured a contract to sample for hydrogen gas at the Coca-Cola factory in Hanoi.

The project was conducted in October 2013 and led by ESS President Mark Looney, QSTI. ESS sampled for H2 gas at multiple electric forklift charging stations and surrounding areas.

When lead acid batteries are being recharged they generate hydrogen gas that is explosive. During all lead acid battery charging processes H2 is produced. If certain charging equipment and/or batteries are not functioning properly, cells are damaged, or ventilation systems are inadequate, H2 generation can be significantly greater than the lower explosive limit (LEL).

Coca Cola Factory, VietnamDepending on the metal alloy composition in lead-acid batteries, a battery being charged can generate two highly-toxic byproducts in addition to H2. One is arsine (arsenic hydride, AsH3) and the other is stibine (antimony hydride, SbH3). Generally, the air levels of these metal hydrides tend to remain well below the current occupational exposure limits during battery charging operations. However, their possible presence re-enforces the need for adequate ventilation systems.

Many industrial plants in Vietnam utilize electric forklifts and other equipment powered by these types of batteries. ESS can refine the Facility Health and Safety Plan, develop a sampling/test protocol for industrial hygiene targets, and then execute the project to conduct all the required testing.

ESS maintains its competitive advantage by continuing to build on international experiences, developing offices in strategic markets and assuring client satisfaction on every project. The ESS network of reputable vendors and service providers enables us to drive all our projects to completion on-time and on-budget.

Founded in 1979, ESS has been conducting point source, ambient and industrial hygiene air quality testing and consulting, and utilizes modern and consistently maintained equipment to conduct its testing services world-wide. ESS is qualified to conduct a wide range of air testing methodologies in almost any environment – and for almost any industry. ESS clients have easy access to the reliable and accurate reporting of test results through a secure online client portal, accessible through the website,

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