ESS Conducts Isokinetic Training for Vietnam Department of Natural Resources and Environment

Isokinetic Emissions Sampling Training, VietnamHanoi, Vietnam, June 2013 — Environmental Source Samplers, Inc. (ESS) continues growth in the Asian market with the award of a recent government contract to provide isokinetic emissions sampling training to the Vietnam Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DONRE) – Thai Nguyen office. The Thai Nguyen province selected eleven (11) of their most qualified technicians to attend the ESS training seminar to further focus their Apex Instruments isokinetic sampling skills.

Workshop instruction was led by ESS President Mark Looney, QSTI. The object of this 1-day seminar was to introduce basic isokinetic principles and source sampling skills to the DONRE technicians.

This course assisted the students in their review of source testing and broadened their sampling skills. The workshop helped the students develop the ability to plan, guide, evaluate, and perform source-sampling measurements to determine rates of emission from stationary sources. The course also provided a cursory review of EPA Methods 1 through 5.

The course provided the students with:

  • The knowledge and nomenclature of the isokinetic stack testing equipment
  • An understanding of why the prescribed methods are used
  • A review of the basic operation of the isokinetic sampling equipment
  • An introduction to the calibrations and calculations that are a part of the reference methods
  • A field sampling exercise to demonstrate the knowledge of conducting/operating Method 5 Isokinetic sampling equipment.

As ESS’s work has grown in the Asian market, it has been ever important to maintain staff and a local presence in these markets. In January 2013, ESS opened an Asian headquarters in Hanoi, Vietnam. In early February, ESS signed an agreement with Berkman Systems which allowed us to combine our presence with their operations in Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao. ESS continues to provide cost effective solutions and superior technical support for of our client’s consulting and air testing needs.

ESS is proud of our growing list of clients and our development with key provincial government agencies such as Thai Nguyen DONRE.

ESS maintains its competitive advantage by continuing to build on international experiences, developing offices in strategic markets and assuring client satisfaction on every project. The ESS network of reputable vendors and service providers enables us to drive all our projects to on-time and on-budget completion.

Founded in 1979, ESS has been conducting point source, ambient and industrial hygiene air quality testing and consulting. ESS utilizes modern and consistently maintained equipment to conduct its testing services world-wide. They are qualified to conduct a wide range of air testing methodologies in almost any environment – and for almost any industry. ESS clients have easy access to the reliable and accurate reporting of test results through a secure online client portal. accessible at their main website,

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