Environmental Source Samplers to Open Office in Asia in 2013

Environmental Source Samplers, Inc.Air quality consulting firm Environmental Source Samplers, Inc. (ESS) announced that it will be opening an office in Vietnam in 2013, to capitalize on growing demand for emissions testing and environmental consulting within the Southeast Asian region.

Headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina, ESS has been a leader in international Air Quality projects, mobilizing globally to Hungary, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Hong Kong within the last 14 months. The projects included air-monitoring and emissions testing for World Bank and local environmental requirements, process improvement, and vendor guarantees. Past international mobilizations have included other points in Europe, Central America, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Region, including a decommissioned munitions base in Johnston Atoll, and Relative Accuracy Test Audit (RATA) sampling in the Philippines.

The decision to open an office in Asia was made after developing relationships with the Public Sector Liason Officers for the World Bank, and Air-Quality conferences and missions in Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Indonesia. The events allowed ESS to gain an insider’s view into the region’s air-quality needs and priorities, and ESS management determined that there was both a sustainable market for air-quality analysis, and existing market conditions that would allow ESS to leverage its expertise in international project management and state of the art methodologies, in order to compete effectively.  (See: ESS Attends World Bank Mission to Indonesia and Vietnam.)

The regional office will allow ESS to pair international expertise with local responsiveness in meeting the region’s air-quality needs. ESS will utilize its staff of experienced, QSTI-certified project managers, along with regional technicians to assist. This strategy will lead to cost savings in labor, equipment, and shipping prices, while not sacrificing the quality of project execution and client deliverables. This will also enable ESS to provide much-needed knowledge transfer of emissions testing and monitoring methodologies to regional employees, enabling them to better serve their own communities as their countries and economies continue to develop.

ESS is excited by the upcoming opportunities and challenges the new office will bring in 2013, and expects to have another successful year, both internationally and with their established domestic clients in the United States.

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Brian Mellor works with Environmental Source Samplers, Inc. (ESS), an environmental consulting firm specializing in stack testing, CEMS Testing, and EPA air emissions compliance.

ESS has conducted international stack testing projects at Johnson Atoll, in the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, Hong Kong, and various parts of Europe. If you need a team that will do your international job with efficiency and effectiveness, call ESS at (910) 799-1055 or visit www.ESSKnowsAir.com.