Stack Testing Compliance Controls Air Emissions and Maintains Air Quality

Stack Testing for Air Quality ControlStack testing for any industry that utilizes a tower for production is a necessary component of the facility operation.  Compliance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations on stack testing and air emissions is necessary in order to avoid violations and penalties as well as to aid in the management of environmental health and air quality as put forth in the Clean Air Act, originally enacted in 1970 and improved by amendments over the last forty years.

The EPA states that consistent, complete, and accurate stack test information is critical in managing the national air program.  Stack testing is conducted for purposes of performing routine source maintenance, relative accuracy test audits (RATA tests), linearity checks, and routine calibration of continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS Testing).  All of these performance tests ultimately help determine compliance with applicable regional, state, or national EPA standards using approved test methodologies.

Stack testing protocols vary according to industry, process, facility, and permit requirements.  Some of the different protocols available for testing emission units include:

  • Manual Emissions Testing – includes EPA test methods and NIOSH/OSHA methods as well as ASTM, CARB, and SW846 test methods.
  • Instrumental Emission Testing – includes CEMS Testing, Performance Specification Testing, CO/CO2/O2/SO2/NOx, and Total Gaseous Organics.
  • Special Emissions Testing – can include Capture Efficiency (CE) determinations, VOC emissions profiling, Thermal Oxidizer Temperatire Optimization, and Mercury speciation determination.
  • Air Pollution Control Equipment Testing and Optimization – facilities can expect on-site inspection, equipment specification data, diagnostic testing, performance data evaluation, adn pilot plant tests.

While environmental regulations seem to be ever-changing, stack testing equipment and technology must keep pace with industry developments affecting air quality.  Environmental consulting firms and stack testing agencies are challenged to remain on the cusp of new and revamped air quality regulations.  Routine testing and maintenance programs help compliance efforts as well as reliance on a qualified and reputable stack testing company.

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