About Us

Environmental Source Samplers, Inc. (ESS) is based in Wilmington, North Carolina and serves the stack testing needs of power generation and manufacturing industries requiring EPA air emissions testing and compliance. Founded in 1979, our team is among the most knowledgeable and experienced air quality testing experts in the nation.

Our Services

Air quality testing services offered by Environmental Source Samplers, Inc. include Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEMS) testing; Part 75 CEMS Relative Accuracy Test Audits (RATA); PM, PM10, TSP Sampling, O2, CO2, NOx, SO2, CO, VOCs, TRS, Dioxins/Furans, Metals, Hexavalent and Total Chromium; Hydrochloric Acid, Chlorine and Chlorine Dioxide, Ammonia, Formaldehyde and Methanol; Method 18, EPA, NCASI, NIOSH Sampling Methods & Others

Industries Served

Environmental Source Samplers, Inc. serves the source emissions testing needs of a variety of industries including Power Generation, Asphalt, Soil Remediation, Cement, Manufacturers (Glass, Steel, Plastics, Chemicals, etc.), Food & Beverage, Pulp/Paper, Medical/Municipal Waste Incinerators, Petroleum/Fuel, Printing/Packaging, and Sugar Mills